Smoochie Says


Meet Smoochie. A small black pug that showed up at our door selling vacuum cleaners and refused to leave. Smoochie is a chatty guy, who has a lot to say on a variety of topics. He would like to take this forum to recommend some favorite products to you. These product comes recommended by Smoochie for groomers who take care of pets who are not as reliable about keeping their teeth to themselves as he is. Smoochie is a lover, not a biter.

Bitebuster Safety Wear
bitemasterInnovative pet handling gloves and sleeves with a variety of styles to suit most pet professional’s needs. They are constructed of specially formulated polymers that are all synthetic.. NO ANIMAL skins used. Our patented blend of Kevlar and nitrile rubber laminated together can offer up to three times the puncture resistance of most leather and suede gloves. The products offer the best in bite and resistance while maintaining flexibility and are fairly lightweight. The best thing is they can be used in the bathing area where it is the most common place for a bit to occur,. They are totally washable if soiled simply by using light detergent and can even be put in the washer and the dryer! Developed by a groomer for groomers. Check us out at

Chris Christensen Shears
As huge fans of the grooming products manufactured by Chris, Smoochie and I were pretty excited to try the new line of shears recently introduced by Christensen. Smoochie didn’t see the attraction, but I was not disappointed… these scissors are beautiful, feel great and oh! are they fun to go to town on a dog with. My first purchase was a set of 10 inch straights, and my next planned buy will be some curved scissors. I love the edge on these scissors and they have an almost “springy” action as I work. I am all about any tool that makes my work more fun, and these fit the bill! Chris offers a lifetime guarantee and FREE sharpening! If you order soon, you get to choose a CC brush to go along with your shears, a deal that you can’t beat! (I got the “T” pin brush with short pins and LOVE it. Smoochie likes it a lot, too. He says it feels really great on his itchy spots.) You can learn more at or order your shears at


The Groomers Helper
Smoochie and I admit we were skeptical of this tool at first. But then we had a chance to try it out on an elderly, blind dog that had trouble knowing the boundaries of the tables edge, as well as on a young dog that was part Poodle and part spinning top. We became believers! The Groomers Helper is a simple tool that is beautifully designed and extremely valuable. Not only does it make our work safer, it saves time by helping dogs stand still. You can find out more about this terrific tool at


Anti Fatigue Mats
Smooch has a cozy bed with very soft things to lie on right next to my grooming table. But most of the time he is asleep on the anti fatigue mat by my feet. It is cushy. And comfy. You can hear the satisfied sound of his Pug snores all over the room. Anti fatigue mats are important for dogs to lie on, AND they are important for groomers to stand on! They have an added benefit of saving a number of tools that “hit the deck” over the course of a day, but I digress. As I get older, my feet, legs and back really appreciate the comfort offered by a great anti fatigue mat. The best one we’ve found can be purchased at I plan to be styling dogs well into advanced old age, and I figure the support of these mats will help make that possible.