I have been building a gallery of grooms at my Fair Winds Grooming Salon website in addition to the many photos I publish on Facebook. I hope you enjoy these photos! CLICK HERE FOR THE GALLERY

My grooming gallery

The old expression “time is money” certainly applies to the job of pet styling. Groomers walk a fine line, trying to groom pets in an efficient manner, without cutting corners or rushing in a way that can cause stress or accidents. After more than three decades in this industry, I […]

The 60 Minute Spaniel

Professional pet groomers create art on living, breathing, moving, sometimes unpredictable animals by using sharp tools. You never know when an accident is going to happen but there are steps that you can take to help reduce the chances of one occurring. Putting a safety plan into effect at your […]

Safety First

Wise pet stylists know that the investment they put into purchasing a grooming table will pay off for many years to come. This is the key tool on which much of the work of styling pets takes place. Tables with variable heights make a groomer’s life dramatically safer and easier. […]

Table Talk

In recent years, bills have been introduced in several states attempting to mandate licensing of the grooming industry. These bills are most often proposed in response to dogs being killed or injured while they were cage dried as a part of the grooming process. Why Cage Dry? – READ MORE […]

The Controversy Over Cage Drying

In my travels to various trade shows across the country I have had the good fortune to get to know many of the people who manufacture and/or distribute grooming tools to those of us who make our living styling pets.  Over the years I have become friendly with many of […]

A Word About Grooming Vendors

Do you have a motto for your work?  How about a  grooming business mission statement?  Above is a copy of the mission statement for Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming and Supplies, LLC, in Rockport, Maine. It was written by the owner, Liz Czak.  I believe this is a wonderful, well thought […]

Grooming Business Mission Statement